A Song for Afghanistan

<p>Musician Malang Kohistani sings a song for Afghanistan.</p>
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Afghanistan Today
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<p><em>Kabul Transit</em>. Directed by David B. Edwards, Gregory Whitmore, and Maliha Zulfacar. Performed by Malang Kohistani. Oley, PA: Bullfrong Films, 2006. DVD.</p> <hr /> <p>Producer: Gregory Whitmore</p>
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<p>Our country has pleasant weather, <br /> beautiful land and fields <br /> Birthplace of brave men, <br /> heroes of the land</p> <p>The Afghan people are of noble blood <br /> The country has many mineral mines <br /> with its barren lands, <br /> fast-flowing rivers, <br /> and flat deserts, too, <br /> roads and also airports</p> <p>Look at our strategic location! <br /> It has high mountains, <br /> and many sources of water for electricity <br /> Greedy nations want our land <br /> and they have interfered in our country <br /> We are tired of colonialism, slavery, and politics</p> <p>From the times of Alexander, <br /> the Russians, Britain, and Genghis Khan, <br /> Now it is Pakistan&rsquo;s turn <br /> Arabs and Chechens with them</p> <p>I want to pose a question, <br /> if you don&rsquo;t mind me asking: <br /> What did you give us? <br /> After you went into space? <br /> After you built the computer? <br /> If you have given us anything, <br /> tell us so we can give something in return</p> <p>If not, what do you have to do with us? <br /> We are a country <br /> that have fallen behind in technology <br /> Developed countries will either hold our hand or cut it off</p> <p>Foreign attacks have held us back <br /> and kept us from our work <br /> These attacks have wasted our time <br /> and that is why we have fallen behind</p> <p>In the decisions of this world <br /> no one listens to the poor people <br /> Those who caused injuries and wounds <br /> should dress the bandages and make amends</p> <p>We should not suffer <br /> from warring parties and their cruelty <br /> They should go back to their own lands <br /> They should not be tempted by what we have</p> <p>Thank you</p>